Ubukid 21:09, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

Oobook and Igfuh creating the realms

Welcome to The Kvashbar Realms Wiki

The Kvashbar Realms Wiki is a collection of information regarding the D&D world campaign played by Alex, Danny, Miguel and Pedro. A world of action, adventure, and excitement of dungeons...and Dragons...and possibly dungeons IN dragons!

This is the world in which our games are played. Upon reading a few of the sourcebooks, we were prompted to create a wiki, or a blog of some sort. As we continue to adventure, we will update our wiki for not only us, but you the reader, so that we can keep up with any storylines that we have come up with; be it our character backstory, certain places in the world of Kvashbar, magicked items, what have you.

Hopefully you will find this as entertaining to you as it is to us.

-Miguel "Ubukid" Nieves

(Everything listed below is alphabetical)


Starred Shadows

Places of InterestEdit


Family TreesEdit

Latest activityEdit

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