Welcome to the first campaign DM'd by Miguel. For the most part, this takes place in a very cliche'd fantasy setting, very reminiscent of medieval times. Guns have just come about, still making the transitions from full cannon to hand-cannon. Bows and arrows, trebuchets, etc. are still the norm and don't seem to be falling off the map in the near future. Magic is very commonplace with very few spots of psionicists within the land. The people of the land (and the surrounding lands as well) follow the church of Saint Pjor, a martyr turned Saint.


Nathan (Human Rogue)Edit

An assassin. (EXPAND)

Stark (Human Warlock)Edit

The son of an arena fighter, he killed his father in a moment of desperation. After honing his skills, he ventured to hunt treasure. He came upon a "key" that showed him a being of infinite madness that gave him a part of it's power in a pact. He now ventures to bring his master to this land.

Kakarot (Night Elf Runepriest)Edit

A night elf that has killed his family and left his homeland. During this exile, he was captured, then escaped. He has sojourned to the nearest settlement for the moment.

Lecmar (Dwarf Fighter)Edit

A fighter. (EXPAND)

Starting SettingEdit

The settlement of Gallag, in the outlands of the kingdom of Helmsgrace.

Notable CharactersEdit

Volgar IldubashEdit

Officer charged with training new recruits in the nearby settlement of Gallag.


A squire that has started making a name for himself under the party's tutelage.

Session NotesEdit

Session 1Edit

The characters have escaped their prior captors, a large camp of goblins, and travelled to the nearby kingdom of Helmsgrace. They learn that a war was started almost half a century ago, and in their absence, has concluded with both sides deeming it not worth fighting anymore. Most sources of funding has been pulled from the military, causing a massive rise of unemployment of enlisted soldiers.

A vast amount of ex-soldiers have banded together to bring justice upon those in power for having cast them out. They call themselves the Skull Brigade.

Our heroes are in a training facility held in the local church when a group, supposedly from the Skull Brigade, begin to kill and pillage the town. They gather the surrounding squires and face-off against the Skull Brigade, along with Officer Volgar Ildubash.

Session 2

The characters have dealt with the Skull Brigade, questioned one (subsequently killing him), and reporting to Volgar. A small group from the Brigade returned to find out what happened, only to find that everyone had perished. All the while, the church bell rings to alert the nearby post to send guards out for help.

Worried for the well-being of the coming guards, Volgar heads off to see them safely to the party.


110 Silver (Party)

Skull Brigade Emblem (Lecmar)

2 Knives and 10 ft. of rope (Nathan)

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