Phoenix Adventuring Lightning is the Eladrin king of the Lightning Kingdom of Thundane. Over his almost five hundred years he has accomplished much. he spent his child hood with his father, Armondus Lightning, and his mother, M’rai Lightning. However, his kingdom was literally torn out around him during the wars that happened during Phoenix’s three hundred and seventy five years locked in his room. When he finally rejoined reality, Thundane was a fading memory and Phoenix spent the majority of thirty years working to reclaim his kingdom and make it into the thriving land it is now.

Early LifeEdit

Phoenix Adventuring Lightning is the only son of Armondus and M'rai Lightning. He is the only heir to the Lightning Kingdom of Thundane. He spent his early childhood as most royals would. He began his training as a wizard very early on to continue the legacy of the lightning family started by Phoenix the Great, the founder of Thundane. He showed an aptitude for magic from the beginning and was fast on the track to being the youngest Lightning to master the family’s signature weather magics. However, a traumatic experience in his early childhood halted his study of weather magic. When Phoenix was nine he was wandering unattended through the forest. While in the forest he came upon an apple tree and proceeded to eat a few of the apples and the juice from one of the apples squirted into his eye. He immediately fell to the ground writhing in pain. While in this state he hallucinated that he was being attacked by the Loch Ness monster. Having no previous knowledge of the Loch Ness monster he spent all his time researching the monster and ways to stop is. However, no documentation of the monster existed so Phoenix himself wrote them and created several spells to defeat it. Over time his paranoia faded but this experience irrevocably delayed Phoenix’s mastery of useful magic techniques.

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