Early LifeEdit

Karrll Sim was born in the midst of the 5th Drodaic War. Where he was separated from his parents durring a raid on his village. As the sole survivor he is taken into slavery by Captain Drogonov, of the 13th Draic Division, where he becomes the Captain's personal slave. Durring this time he is subjected to harsh treatment by Captain Drogonov and his first son Akara. Harboring an intense hatred for both of his captives he plots to assassinate them and flee from the camp. By the time Karrll was 16 he was able to shape shift into a fully developed Dragonborn and had gained favor with the slaves of the 13th Draic Division. On the 5th night of the 7th month of his 17th year Karrll lead all the slaves on an revolt taking the opportunity to assassinate Captain Drogonov and Akara, forcing the 13th Draic Division to disband.

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