The tiefling son of Krogmor Bloodhorn and Mahrenn Steelbasher, Drodek Steelbasher was born into a world that he did not fully comprehend. Having lost his father a week before his birth to warring parties of ogres, he was raised by his mother Mahrenn. They grew up in the Kingdom of Dellspire, among the dwarves and their forge.

As a child, Drodek was fascinated with the dark arts of his heritage, not having seen any other tieflings in his early life. Despite being the only one of his kind within the halls of the Dellspire, this charismatic lad found friends in those who once oppressed him.

He studied several books that he found on the documentation of the arcane lot he had associated himself with; his favourite being Gilwam Garrotespinner of the western plains. He studied the history of several points of this world that fascinated him, bringing him to the recent history of his home, which there was none to be seen. He began to ask around, chronicling anything that he could find on the evidently grueling battle that had taken place right before his birth.

It was during this time that he came upon his mother for information on the War of Ikth’bar. She proceeded to go into great detail of the battle that had passed, marking the occasion that had brought her so much sorrow. He was taken aback; her descriptions making him feel the loss of his own father that he knew so little about. He was further hurt by the news that his father was decapitated as a coup de’ grace during this final battle, and that to this day, his head was still missing, seemingly vanished from the material plane.

Following his completion of the recent war, he began to train in the ways of a warlock, meditating and committing to memory everything he could to help in his new quest in life; to find his father’s skull. The only thing that they had of it was a broken horn found on the battlefield near his body. Drodek had a boneworker, Lenny Azultofh, work on turning the horn into a smoking pipe, so that he could keep a piece of his father with him on his travels.

Drodek was approached by his mother on his fifteenth birthday with an ultimatum. She would be able to find a trainer for him if he would commit his next few years away from the Dellspire. He agreed and was summarily shipped off to a nearby crag, thought to be a place of death, Grymsdale. It was here that he met Lady Tenxious, a trainer of those who would accept a path in their inherent lifestyle as a tiefling.

On the eve of his twentieth birthday, he was said that all had been taught to him that could be given by a mentor, he would have to venture into the world to learn through experience, rather than from a scroll. He completed his pact that night and was sent back to the Dellspire.

In the FutureEdit

Drodek became the vessel for [The Dark One] during the Fellscar. Drodek was split from the being during the battle. Phoenix became the next carrier and was subsequently released from his mortal coil and returned as a spirit via The Lightning Shield, his lineage's quest, and used his last bits of power to destroy The Dark One. Drodek is now the king of Thundane, currently heading the construction of a temple in the name of the complete Phoenix Lightning Collection (Trademark pending).

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